17 year old harry at his finest
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1. Do you read horoscopes and do you take them seriously?
I don’t read them regularly though I enjoy…

1- Spell your name with your chin. -Lous…it’s not even close.. 
2- Do you sleep with stuffed animals? -No I don’t..I always think they’ll come alive and eat me..hehe. 
3- Get the closest book next to you, open it to page 63, what’s the third line on that page? -Perhaps even longer,who knows.. 
4- What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world? -Bullying..honestly it’s too much /: 
5- If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich? -Making people smile :D 
6- How do you feel about what happens after death? -I feel okay…my religion says I have to be okay about it :) 
7- What is your favourite song and why? +your favourite line of that song? -That is one of the hardest Qs ever…you can’t pick a fav song..but at the moment it’s Sing by Ed Sheeran..and I’m my fav line ,is ‘If you love me come on get involved Feel it rushing through you from your head to toe’ just kill me . 
8- Something you enjoy doing when you’re alone, like a little hobby or a secret talent you have? -Ha ha..me? Talent?..I’m good at sleeping..does that count? 
9- Put your iPod on shuffle. 
• first song is what you sang when you got out of the womb. -Lies by McFly..Looool .
• next song is what you sing when you meet your fav band member/or idol. -Hideaway By Shane Harper :”)..I’ll sing it To 5sos…hahahahaha . 
10- What is the one class you actually enjoyed in school? (Don’t deny it, we all got at least one!) -Bio! I know I’m weird ;D 
11-Describe your favourite item of clothing. -A black T-shirt that has ‘I ❤️ Istanbul’ on it :D glowstruck